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Father of Eleonora who married John Kinderman

Aloyius Kellerman is listed in the 1900 census living at 238 Ohio St. He lives with his wife, Maria, and children Alois and Frank. Another son, John, lives at 281 Eighth St. with his wife, Therese; and children Agnes and Caroline. Another daughter Johanna is married to George Ruedinger and lives at 430 Tenth St. with their children George and Herman. Johanna claims Austria as a homeland while George was born in Wisconsin from a German Father.

Aloyius is married to Maria Anna Phillip. She claims to be from Bohemia.

Raimund Kellermann
Johann Kellermann------[
Uhligstal 12


Alois Kellermann---------[
Dec. 12, 1832
Uhligstal 12

Jakob Schneider
Anna Maria Schneider---[
Guthausen 12

Eva Maria Korn


Zelnava                                    birth                        7/64

1ten Dezember geboren und getaufft
 Uhlichsthal Nro. 12
* Aloys
V Johann Kellerman Häußler
 M Anna Maria, Tochter des Jakob Schneider Häusßler in Guthäuseln Nro. 12
 und der Eva geborne Körnin von Bayern
P Philipp Schönberger Theresia Häußlerin Uhlichsthal


 december 1st born and baptised
Uhligsthal 12
* Alois
father: Johann Kellermann smallfarmer
 mother: Anna maria, daughter of Jakob Schneider, smallfarmer in Guthäuser
 nr. 12 and his wife Eva nee Körn from Bavaria
 godfather: Philipp Schönberger and Theresia, smallfarmer in Uhligsthal

 siblings of Alois Kellermann in Zelnava

 Theresia                                   * 06.02.1824
 Philipp                                      * 25.03.1826
 Josef                                        * 28.02.1828


  Pekna                                      marriage                        5/67

 Uhligsthal N: 12
 Alois Kellermann, angehender Bleiber in Uhligsthal 12 ehel. Sohn des
Johann Kellermann, Häuslers in Uhligsthal 12 und dessen + Ehegattin Anna
geb. Schneider aus Guthausen N 12
37 Jahre ledig                * 1.12.1832 in Salnau

Altrichterwald 12
Maria Anna Philipp, ehel. Tochter des Mathias Philipp Häuslers in
Altrichterwald N. 12 und dessen + Ehegattin Johanna geb. Koller aus
Hüttenhof N. 36                        * 9.8.1838 in Wallern

  Uhligsthal 12
Alois Kellermann, coming farmer in Uhligsthal 12, legal son of Johann
Kellermann, smallfarmer in Uhligsthal 12 and his dead wife Anna nee
Schneider from Guthausen 12
37 years of age, not married
 Altrichterwald 12
Maria Anna Philipp. legal daughter of Mathias Philipp smallfarmer in
Altrichterwald 12 and his dead wife Johanna nee Koller from Hüttenhof 36

1900 census listing

Kellerman, Alois  Head  W  M  Nov. 1833  66 M 31 Bohemia  Bohemia Bohemia 1882 17 Na retired yes yes no

Maria  wife W F Aug. 1838 51 31 6 5 Bohemia Bohemia Bohemia 1882 17 

Alois son W M Sept. 1871 28 S Bohemia Bohemia Bohemia 1882 17 ?

Frank son W M ? ? S Bohemia Bohemia Bohemia 1882 17 ?

Interment Record at Riverside cemetery

Kellerman, Maria A   Birth 1838   Burial 1919
Kellerman, Alois   Birth 1832   Burial 01/16/1910
Ruedinger, John (infant)   Birth 1897   Burial 1897
Ruedinger, Eleanor (infant)   Birth 1896   Burial 1897
Kellerman, Anna  Age 1   Death 08/21/1914  
Riedi, Mathias (infant)      Death 07/18/1929  
Kellerman, Mary Age 57 Birth 08/10/1875 Death 03/05/1933 Burial  03/08/1933
Kellerman, Alois Age 81 Birth 09/04/1871 Death 07/14/1953 Burial  07/17/1953


Eleonora 1870-1964          married John Kinderman

Birth record for Eleonora

Zelnava                                    birth                        10/61

Am 12t. Jänner
* Eleonora Kellermann
Uhligsthal Nro. 12
V Alois Kellermann Bleiber in Uhligsthal 12, ehelicher Sohn des Johann
Kellermann Ausnehmer in Uhligsthal 12 und der Anna Maria,
gebornen Schneider von Guthausen Nr. 12 Bezirk Oberplan
M Maria Anna Kellermann, eheliche Tochter des Mathias Philipp, Häuslers
in Altrichterwald 12 und der Johanna gebornen Keller vo
Hüttenhof Nro. 10
P Philipp Kellermann Häusler in Uhligsthal Nro. 12 und Johanna dessen

January 12th
* Eleonora Kellermann
Uhligsthal house number 12
father: Alois Kellermann, farmer in Uhligsthal 12, legal son of Johann
 Kellermann, oldfarmer in Uhligsthal 12 and his wife Anna Maria
 nee Schneider from Guthausen 12, district Horni Plana
mother: Maria Anna Kellermann, legal daughter of Mathias Philipp,
smallfarmer from Altrichterwald 12 and his wife Johanna nee
Keller from Hüttenhof 10
godfather: Philipp Kellermann, smallfarmer from Uhligsthal 12 and his wife


   Story in the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern Jan. 13, 1960

Mrs. Eleonora Kinderman, born in Bavaria, Jan. 12, 1870, observed her 90th birthday at St. Mary's Home with family and friends, Tuesday afternoon. (Wrong, she was born in Bohemia)

    While posing for her picture she spoke vividly, with wit and humor, of past experiences.

    Married to the late John Kinderman in 1889 at St. Vincent's Catholic Church by the Rev. John Reindl, she is the mother of eight  children, five daughters and three sons. The daughters are Mrs. Rose Andrashko, Mrs. Joseph Miller, Mrs. William Schmitz, Oshkosh; Mrs. Matt Riedi, De Pere; and another, a nun, Sister Mary Neil, West Allis. (Not true, the nun is a granddaughter).

    Sons are Alois, Oshkosh, and John and George, Milwaukee.

    Mrs. Kinderman has 20 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren.

    Her husband passed away in December of 1934 and a daughter, Eleanor, in September, 1932.

Alois 1871 - 1953                      married Mary Drexler 1875 - 1933

                                 Marriage Record

Kellermann, Louis           Drexler, Mary          29 Oct 1900   6 443 427
 Laborer; Ulrichstahl,B.     Oshkosh                  Oshkosh
 Kellermann, Aloysius     Drexler, Joseph         Frank Kellerman
 Phillip, Mary Anne         Schoetl, Annie          Fran Drexler

Interment Record at Riverside cemetery

Buried in parents plot -- see above.

Johanna 1873 - 1907              married George Ruedinger 1874 - 1949

 Marriage Record

Ruedinger, George       Kellermann, Johanna      27 May 1895   6  26 151
 Laborer; Oshkosh         Bohemia                        Oshkosh
 Ruedinger, Valentine    Kellermann, Aloysius     John Kellermann
 Egger, Cresesens         Philips, Mary A.            Emma Ruedinger

Interment record at Riverside cemetery

Ruedinger, Frank L Age 36  Birth 09/23/1904   Burial 05/28/1941
Reudinger, George R Age 74 Birth 04/18/1874   Burial 05/12/1949
Reudinger, Johanna Age 34 Birth 1873 Death 1907  
Reudinger, Herman  Age 6 Birth 1900 Death 1906  

John 1875 - 1933               married Theresa Miller 1877 - 1943

Marriage Record

Kellermann, John          Mueller, Therese          9 Nov 1897   6 216  45
 Laborer; Oshkosh         Oshkosh                     Oshkosh
 Kellerman, Aloysius     Mueller, Wenzel          F. Kellermann
 Phillip, Mary A.            Drexler, Elen              Anna Mueller

Interment Record at Riverside Cemetery

Kellerman, Catherine Age 13      04/01/1916 Burial
Kellerman, John    10/13/1875 Birth   02/24/1933 Burial
Kellerman, Therese Age 66 05/05/1877 Birth   12/23/1943 Burial
Kellerman, Robert Age 44 04/29/1906 Birth   12/23/1950 Burial
Kellerman, Margaret (premature)       06/17/1913 Burial
Larson, Barbara (infant)       06/14/1937 Burial
Kellermann, Caroline Age 93 04/04/1900 Birth 03/22/1994 Death  03/28/1994 Burial

Frank 1880-1920               married Mary Kriz 1885 - 1980

Interment Record at Riverside cemetery

Tauber, Theresa  Age 33 Birth 09/27/1889 Death 1923 Burial 07/27/1923
Kriz, Alois Age 70 Birth 06/15/1850 Death 1921 Burial 07/26/1903
Kriz, Barbara Age 50 Birth 12/14/1852 Death 1903 Burial 05/19/1903
Tauber, Mary Age 93  Birth 04/01/1885  Death 12/29/1980 Burial  12/31/1980
Kellerman, Frank Age 39 Birth 08/05/1880 Death 1920 Burial 11/07/1920

My guess at the relationship here is: Alois Kriz--father, Barbara Kriz--mother, Mary Tauber--daughter married first to Kellerman and remarried to sisters widow, Theresa Tauber-- daughter married first to Tauber, Frank Kellerman--son-in-law. But where is Mr.. Tauber.


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