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I have one mention of Ambrosch. In the Chronicle of Hintring there is a listing of the house owners for house #13, named Edelmann, in Schönau. The next four names are correct. I have no other information on Andreas and those that follow. 


Philip Salzer                  

Michael Riedl    
Paul Eingreger                                From Schneedorf sells the house to:
Ambrosch Kindermacher 1649 From Parkfried.
Blasl Kindermacher 1669  
Thomas Kindermacher 1703   June 8  
Konstantin Kindermacher 1738   March 10  
Ignaz Kindermacher 1775   March 15  
Andreas Kindermacher 1814 (Theory: Older stepbrother of Maria)
Anton Stummer 1821    March 14     From Deutsch Heidl, he marries the widow.
Johann Kindermann 1841  
Franz Kindermann 1898    June 11  
Franz Kindermann 1924    Sept. 9         The last owner deceased by suicide in Czech concentration camp at Budweis August 8, 1946.

This entry below is from information that was researched in the Trebon archives. It is a marriage between Michael Jungwirth and Elizabeth Salzer. She is the daughter of Philip Salzer. Is this the same Philip Salzer that was the first owner of the house above. The years are possible but the villages are different. Michael and Elizabeth are my 8th great grandparents.

1120-1121 Zelnava marriage 1/4


6ta Huius copulatus fuit in Wallern Michael Jungwirth filius solutus et
legitmus Patris Matthiae Jungwirth rustici in Pargfridt et Elisabethae vxoris
amboru p.t. in vita cum Elisabetha filia soluta & legtma Pris Philippi
Salzers p.m. defuncti textoris ex oppido Wallerensi et Evae p.t. in vivis.

On 6th married in Wallern Michael Jungwirth, legal and not married son of
Mathias Jungwirth, farmer in Parkfried and his wife Elisabeth both still alive,
with Elisabeth, legal and not married daughter of Philipp Salzer, dead tailor,
from village Wallern, and his wife Eva still alive


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