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Joseph Golomb
Martha Golomb-------[
Lena ?

The Golomb in my family is my grandfathers wife, Martha Golomb. She was born 1886 and died 1961. She married John Ebersberger in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They had 12 children, see John Ebersberger.

She was born in Hungary. She is the daughter of Joseph and Lena Golomb. I don't have much information about them. It is believed that they were from a German village in Hungary called Szeidorfalva, today near the city of Mukachevo, Ukraine. It is possible that Joseph was a game warden there.

Her brothers were Peter and John. Both dying before her. Peter married Anna ? and John married Elizabeth or Therese.

She also went by the last name of Weber. The story is that she was taken in by a Weber family and was their maid. They brought her to America.

Marriage Record
Ebersberger, John       Weber, Martha            31 Oct 1904   7 229 409
 Laborer; Bavaria        Hungaria                 Oshkosh
 Ebersberger, John Sr.   Galluni, Joseph          Mathew Ebersberger
 Pritz, Crescence        Galluni, Lena            Mary Holzbauer



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