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    Blasius Kindermacher
  Thomas Kindermacher-------[  
    Sara ?
Konstantin Kindermacher----[    
    Simon Spanbauer
  Anna Spanbauer-------------[  
    Eva ?

All records from the archives in Trebon, for the parish of Salnau.
Researched by Felix Gundacker.

Konstantin is the child of Thomas and Anna Kindermacher. His birth date is not known. On Nov. 25, 1737 he marries Ludmilla Fischer. They have one known child, Ignaz. He is a farmer in Schönau. Ludmilla dies in October 1737 and Konstantin remarries one month later to Anna Jungwirth.


Birth record not found for Konstantin

Marriage Record #1

Zelnava                                    marriage                        2/46


25 9br. constantinus Thomae Kindermacher rustici in Schenau, legit filius,
cum virgine Sybilla Aegidi Fischer in Schätzenberg rustici legitima filia.

On November 25th married Konstantin, legal son of farmer Thomas
Kindermacher in Schönau, with virgin Sybilla, legal daughter of Ägid Fischer
farmer in Schätzenberg.

The first name of the fiancée was written wrong: Sybilla instead of Ludmilla.
The birth record of son Ignaz shows the right name.

Birth Record of Ludmilla

133                        Zelnava                                    birth                        1/210


* Ludmilla 19. Baptizata est filia legitima Aegidi Fischer ex Spitzenberg, Matris Vero Christina. Levans Zusanna Hoffmann

  On 19th

 * Ludmilla was baptised as a legal daughter of Ägid Fischer from Spitzenberg, mother was named Christina. Godfather Susanna Hoffmann

133/*                        siblings of Ludmilla Fischer in Salnau

Luzilla                                      * 30.11.1713
Agnes                                      * 04.01.1717

Death Record of Ludmilla

133                        Zelnava                                    death                        2/55


3tia Ejusdem Ludmilla Kindermacherin rustica in Schenau ombinus Sacramentis uterque provisa Annoru 37.

On 3rd died Ludmilla Kindermacher, farmer in Schönau, about 37 years of age.

  Marriage Record #2

132-2. marriage   Zelnava                                    marriage                        2/68

13 Novembris copulatus est Constantinus Kindermacher rusticus et viduus
in Schenau cum Anna virgine post mortem Bernardis jungwürth in pago
Spitzenberg rustici legitima filia relicta.

on November 13th married Konstantin Kindermacher, farmer and widower
of Schönau, with Anna, virgin, legal daughter of just dead Bernhard
Jungwirth in village Spitzenberg.

Known Children of Konstantin

Ignaz       31.7.1741


See also house ownership record


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