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        There is only one Selwitschka family in the 1900 census, Joseph  Selwitschka. I have a report card of his daughter Aloisia Selwitschker stating that she was born August 8, 1878, in Hohenröhrn, Bavaria. She did very well in weekday school receiving all A's and B's. The school was in Mauth and she attended from May 5, 1884 to May 1, 1891. She is being released for weekend school. Mauth is in the diocese of Passau. I also have a confirmation certificate of Aloisia's dated the 14th of July, 1890.  Aloisia is the daughter of Joseph and the sister to my great grandmother Theresia Selwitschka Winkelbauer. 

            Later a letter was sent to Aloisia on December 6, 1893 from Hohenröhrn by Kreszunz Krikl, who claims "to be your mother who raised you from the time of her death". Other names mentioned in the letter are Schmutzen, Katherina Schuster, Franz Reidl, and Franz Krikl. Aloisia immigrated to America in 1893, the letter was sent to her at her sisters, Therese Selwitschka Winkelbauer, address. Aloisia married Leonard Seibold in Oshkosh in 1898. They were both dead by 1904. Aloisia in 1902 and Leonard in 1904. They had two children Leonard (1899-?) and Otto (?-?). Below is a photo of her brother John and Francis Selwitschka and their children John, Therese, Mary, and Francis in the buggy. The man in the center is Leonard Seibold  and you can barely see the head of Aloisia behind the fence next to him. They are in front of John's house on Ninth Street.

Home of John Selwitschka, 9th street, Oshkosh, WI


Father of Theresia who married Joseph Winkelbauer

He lives at 639 Ninth St. with his second wife, Aloysia Blechinger and their granddaughter Louise Heidl. He claims Austria and she claims Bohemia. He arrived in 1885 and she in 1886. Per 1900 census.

Joseph was born March, 1843 and died April, 1921. He married Aloysia Blechinger, who was born June, 1841 and died May, 1911. The first may have  died in Europe. She was Elizabeth Schoettl.

But this is very confusing on the 1900 census it is written that her name is Petronella.


  • John         1863-1942      Married Francis Duschel (1869-1927)

John, Therese, Mary, and Francis 

  • Barbara    1866-1917      Married Albert Heidl

Marriage Record

Heidl, Abel              Selwitschka, Barbara     6 Sep 1886   5 180 596
 Laborer; Bohemia        Bohemia                  Oshkosh
 Heidl, John             Selwitschka, Joseph      John Harmus
 Kreiner, Mary           Schoettl, Elizabetha     Mary Schwartz

  • Maria       1867-1939      Married Lucas Stockinger

Declaration of Intention for Lucas Stockinger

STOCKINGER, Lucas           1041  8th St., Oshkosh           26 Oct 1908
  152    42  Laborer           17 Oct 1866  Inmergefeld, Austria
 Hamburg           America        20 Apr 1907   5'4"  174  Brown   Black

Naturalization Petition for Lucas Stockinger

STOCKINGER, Lucas         1041  8th St., Oshkosh      Laborer
  17 Oct 1866   Inmergefeld, Austria
   9 Apr 1907  22 Apr 1907   Hamburg - NY     Amerika
  26 Oct 1908  #152                    28 Nov 1913    586
Mary Selwitschka - Stockinger   Frien ?(Freyung)?, Germany;  Oshkosh
  Mary           18 Oct 1890  Egon, Germany;  Oshkosh
  Bertha         2 Feb 1895  Hultoinore, Germany;  Oshkosh
  Josef         12 Mar 1898  Beruried, Germany;  Oshkosh
  Katherine      15 Nov 1899  Penzberg,    "         "
  John           21 Apr 1903     "         "         "
  Frank           4 Jan 1907     "         "         "
Herman Steckbauer, Merchant, 1044  6th St., Oshkosh
Paul Baldor, Carpenter, 606 Dakota St., Oshkosh
This family moved around a lot, as can be seen by the different birthplaces of the children.

Marriage Record

Winkelbauer, Joseph            Selwitschka, Theresia      1 Jul 1888   5 169 532
    Laborer; Bohemia               Bavaria                  Oshkosh
    Winkelbauer, Raymond     Selwitschka, Joseph      Joseph Nigl
    Schlohofer, Theresia          Blechinger, Louisa         Mary Seibold

  • Elizabeth   (Aloisia)   1878 -  1902   Married Leonard Seibold

Marriage Record

Seibold, Leonard        Selwitschka, Elisabeth    25 Apr 1898   6 227 114
 Laborer; Bavaria         Mauth, Bavaria           Oshkosh
 Seibold, Sebastian      Selwitschka, Joseph      Lawrence Schmidt
 Deibler, Maria          Blache, Elisabeth        Frances Neustifter

Declaration of Intention for Leonard Seibold

SEIBOLD, Leonhard      9710  18 Oct 1892  Germany  1871  Balt. May 1883

  • Joseph     1879-1898   Yellow fever, Spanish American War, Cuba, 2nd Wis. Regt., Company B - F, 38 volunteers died of disease but no war dead. 


Other Selwitschka

Adolf Selwitschka, 1903 Ellis Island immigration. 19y, farmer, from Fürstenhut, Bohemia. To see his brother Frank, in St. Paul, MN, on Minnehaha street.


Many in the villages of Mauth and Fürstenhut, Germany. See travel pages.

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