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Theresia Graf 

Birth record 

Zelnava                                    birth                        6/109
10 Februar geboren und getauft
Hirschberg Nr. 34
* Raymund
V Johann Winkelbauer Häußler
M Maria Anna Tochter des Andreas Groß Häusler in Habersdorf Nr. 4
und der Theresia geborne
P Bair Theresia Schneiderin.

February 10th born and baptised
Hirschbergen 34
* Raimund
father: Johann Winkelbauer smallfarmer
mother: Maria Anna, daughter of Andreas Groß, smallfarmer in Habersdorf 4
and his wife Theresia nee _____
godfather: Theresia Bair, tailor

Marriage Record

Zelnava                                    marriage                        14/135

Am 11ten August 1857
Hirschberg Nro. 17/3
Raimund Winkelbauer, angehender Häusler in Hirschberg N 17,
ehelicher Sohn des Johann Winkelbauer Häuslers in Hirschberg 17, und der
Maria Anna gebornen Groß aus Habersdorf Nro. 4
33 Jahre ledig
Theresia Schlorhauferin, eheliche Tochter des Paul Schlorhaufer Häußlers in
Hirschberg Nr. 3 und der Maria Anna gebornen Schinko aus Hirschberg Nro. 6
31 Jahre ledig

On August 11th, 1857
Hirschberg 17 and Hirschberg 3
Raimund Winkelbauer, coming smallfarmer in Hirschberg 17, legal son of
Johann Winkelbauer, smallfarmer in Hirschberg 17 and his wife Maria Anna
nee Groß from Habersdorf 4
33 years of age, not married
Theresia Schlorhaufer, legal daughter of Paul Schlorhaufer, smallfarmer in
Hirschbergen 3 and his wife Maria Anna nee Schinko from Hirschbergen 6
31 years of age, not married

Interment Record at Riverside Cemetery

Winkelbauer, Theresa          Birth 1828                Burial 01/25/1901
Winkelbauer, John               Birth 05/12/1891      Burial  03/21/1906
Winkelbauer, Joseph                                            Burial  08/12/1922
Winkelbauer, Theresa                                           Burial  01/23/1929
Miller, Rosemary   Age 30  Birth 07/14/1906        Burial  12/07/1946

At this time I believe that Raymond Winkelbauer did not go to America.

Photo taken in St. Paul MN in 1884
mother Theresia Schlorhaufer Winkelbauer with children (sitting) John, Joseph, Katherine and Englebert

His wife Therese appears on the 1900 census living with her son Englebert and his family. I do not know if Raymond emigrated to the United States. Therese arrived in 1882 along with her children John, Joseph, Engelbert and Katherine. They claim to be from Germany.

4 Children of Raymond and Therese

  • John: (April 1,1858-Dec. 15,1918)
    Stayed in ST. Paul, MN. Married to Anna Schlapsi (April 13, 1854-April 21, 1925), Her parents are John Schlapsi and Magdelina Stini. 5 children; Jacob (July 24, 1884- July 27, 1941), Alois (Oct. 18, 1886-April 2, 1940), Elizabeth (Oct. 1890-?), John (July 1891-May 5, 1952), Josef (Feb. 28, 1894-Jan 12, 1913). Looking at the 1900 census for St. Paul, Elizabeth married either William (1886) or Fritz (1889) Literski. I have this wedding picture. There is only one Winkelbauer family in Minnesota in 1900. There is only one Literski family in St. Paul in 1900, at 20 Upper Levee Street, but two other single people in Minnesota.
    1900 city directory lists the name as Latowski at 20 Upper Levee St. The 1900 census says that the John Winkelbauer family lived at 551 Stinson St. and that John was a carpenter, married 16 years, arrived in 1883, owned his house free and clear, and could read, write and speak English. His wife, Anna, was born in Bohemia and all children were born in Minnesota and that son Jacob at age 16 was a nailer in a shoe factory.

City Directory Listings   St. Paul, MN


Engelbert, laborer, boards 620 Western Ave. North (frame house between Thomas & Lafond).

John, laborer, resides 509 Virginia (frame house, s.w. corner of Sherburne).

Joseph, carpenter, boards 620 Western Ave. North

Theresa (widow Rimond) resides 620 Western Ave. North

1885-1886    In 1885 Joseph and Engelbert moved to Oshkosh, WI, their mother came with them.

John, laborer Moeller, Pederson & Co. resides rear 351 Thomas


John, carpenter, resides Virginia Ave., 2 n. of Thomas (approx. 605-615)

Addresses are in the Frogtown neighborhood. Frogtown was an immigrant neighborhood with St. Agnes Church, a German-Bohemian Church. It was also industrial with rail yards, lumber yards, steel foundries and brass works, carpet factories and fuel companies. No Winkelbauer's are listed in the St. Agnes 1887 census.


John, died August 28, 1888, age 26.  NO IDEA WHO THIS IS. The age is correct for John.

John, carpenter, resides, n.s. Stinson, 2 e. of Kent (551 Stinson)

                (frame house, between Kent & Mackubin, lot 20, Block 1, Denslow's Addition)
                Stinson street is in the Northend neighborhood, which is just North of Frogtown.


John, carpenter, resides 551 Stinson

Jacob, laborer, boards 551 Stinson

Naturalization Record

John Winkelbauer: Yohan Owen Winkelbauer, Reel 8, Code 21, Volume S, Page 42)

                             J.O. Winkelbauer, Reel 35, Code 98, Volume O, Page 24)

Also listed is a Joseph Schrader: (Yosef Schrader, Reel 8, Code 21, Vol. S, Page 39)

Josef is somehow connected to John Winkelbauer. He filed for citizenship on the same day and he follows John thru moves in the neighborhood to the same streets usually in the same block. In 1900 he lives next door at 553 Stinson Street.

Above information from Jim Sazevich, Historian, St. Paul, MN

  • Joseph (1860-1932)  married Theresa Selwitschka (1868-1938), Oshkosh, WI

 Marriage Record

Winkelbauer, Joseph         Selwitschka, Theresia      1 Jul 1888   5 169 532
 Laborer; Bohemia             Bavaria                           Oshkosh
 Winkelbauer, Raymond    Selwitschka, Joseph      Joseph Nigl
 Schlohofer, Theresia         Blechinger, Louisa         Mary Seibold

Theresa Winkelbauer's (wife of Raymond) maiden name  is spelled wrong, it should be Schlorhaufer.

  Naturalization Petition

WINKELBAUER, Joseph   Germany    6 May 1884  18 Aug 1906  3  388
   W. H. Fieweger,  W. F. Gruenwald

  • Engelbert (1863-1941)  married Francis Jiricka, (1870-1942)  Oshkosh, WI, 6 children; Raymond (1896-1952), Albina (Brown), Mary, Anna, Wenzel (1905-1958) and Kate.

Engelbert Winkelbauer is the head of his household at 492 9th street. He was born January 1867 (1862 per his tombstone but really 1863 per birth records in Bohemia) in Germany of German parents. (Later he claims Bohemia and Austria as a birthplace, so I am inclined to believe that Bohemia is correct. His brother John, in St. Paul, MN claims Bohemia) He is married to Franziska for 5 years and has two children. He arrived in America in 1882 and has filed first papers for citizenship. He works as a day laborer and can speak English but cannot read or write. He owns a mortgaged house. His wife was born July of 1870 and came to America in 1893 and has been in the country 7 years. She is literate and can speak English. They live with their son Raymond, age 3 and daughter Albina, age 6 months. His mother Therese also lives with them and was born Oct, 1828. She came in 1882 with her sons.

He lives two doors away from his brother Joseph. 

Naturalization Petition

WINKELBAUER, Engelbert Austria   29 Oct 1886  22 Sep 1906  4  464
   Jos. J. Nigl,  Fred Putzer

  • Katherine: (1865-1949) Married in 1884 to John Stini (1862-1887) who died, remarried to John Schiessl on Jan. 31, 1888 in Oshkosh, WI, 12 children; Jacob (1887-?), John (1888-?), Therese (1890-?), ?, Joseph (1892-1894), Joseph (1894-?), Mary (1896-?), Max (1898-?), Rose (1900-1902), William, Agnes, Irene (1905-1994).  So according to this record Jacob is a Stini. per 1900 census.

Interment Record at Riverside Cemetery

Schiessl, Catherine  Age 83  Birth 05/20/1865 Death 04/14/1949 Burial  04/16/1949
Schiessl, John  Age 50      Burial  12/10/1912
Stini, John   Birth  11/15/1862   Burial  02/27/1887
Schiessl, Rose (infant)   Birth 08/17/1900   Burial 08/23/1902
Schiessl, Joseph (infant)   Birth  09/19/1892   Burial  04/02/1894
Balthezor, infant        Burial 08/11/1923
Balthezor, Jean Katherine        Burial 06/14/1933
Schiessl, William Jr.       Burial 04/16/1934


Marriage Record of son James (Jacob)

  In wedding are Mamie Steckbauer, Joe Fenzl, Therese Schiessl, Joe Winkelbauer.

Schiessl, James               Mauritz, Annie           26 Sep 1906   7 389 157
 Laborer; Oshkosh            Oshkosh                   Oshkosh
 Schiessl, John                 Mauritz, John              Joseph Fenzl
 Winkelbauer, Catharine   Jungwirth, Jane          Mary Steckbauer


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