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MARCH, 1883

There are several names of interest on this list.

Butzer, Winkelbauer, Jungwirth, Spanbauer and Kindermann

       Name               Age    Sex   Occupation      From               To

Matthias Butzer         35      m      worker         Bohemia     Wisconsin

Maria Butzer             23       f         wife           Bohemia     Wisconsin

Joseph Butzer            9        m      child           Bohemia     Wisconsin

Aloisia Butzer            4        f        child           Bohemia     Wisconsin

Is their name really spelled Butzer or did they change it to Putzer in America? Is Maria's age correct or is it a second marriage for Matthias? I doubt she had a child at age 12. If this is who I think it is, Maria is Ignatz Kindermann's daughter. Thus making her the first Kindermann to America from my family along with her sister Aloisia below. And she is Matthias' second wife. Joseph is the son of the first wife and Aloisia is Maria's daughter.

Carl Winkelbauer        35    m        farmer          Bohemia        Illinois

Aloisia Winkelbauer    35     f          wife            Bohemia        Illinois

Anna Winkelbauer        5     f          child            Bohemia        

Maria Winkelbauer       4     f          child            Bohemia        Illinois

If their age is recorded wrong here and they are really 45 years old, then they settled in Oshkosh. Maria shows up on the 1900 census at the right age. Anna must have gotten married. Were they talked into changing their destination by the Butzers? 

Declaration of Intent for Carl Winkelbauer from Winnebago County WI, 1855-1906

WINKELBAUER, Karl      7398  27 Mar 1884  Austria  1840  NY 26 Mar 1883

Franz Jungwirth            28     m       worker          Bohemia          Iowa

Joh(e) Jungwirth           21      f          wife             Bohemia         Iowa

Jacob Jungwirth             9       m          son           Bohemia          Iowa

If age is written wrong (transcription error) for Johanna (6 years older, age 27) then it is possible that they settled in Oshkosh. I doubt she had a child at age 12.  Were they also talked into Oshkosh by the Butzers? They appear on the 1900 census along with a daughter in law and three grand daughters. 

Marriage record for Jacob (James):
Yungwirth, James        Dowitch, Annie           19 Aug 1895   6  44 257
 Laborer; Bohemia        Bohemia                  Oshkosh
 Yungwirth, Frank        Dowitch, Frank           Lewis Reichenberger
 Yungwirth, Johanna      Drexler, Maria           Aloysia Yungwirth

They were traveling together and are recorded together along with:

Josef Hasik                    24       m         worker        Bohemia    Illinois

Ludwig Deicht                19       m         worker        Bohemia    Wisconsin

Declaration of Intention for Ludwig from Winnebago County, WI 1855-1906

DICHTL, Ludwig         7741  17 Oct 1884  Austria  1863  NY    Apr 1883

The other group traveling together from Bohemia is:

Lorenz Spanbauer          33        m      worker        Bohemia     Boston

Justine Spanbauer          27         f          wife          Bohemia     Boston

Aloisia Kindermann        20         f        single         Bohemia      Boston

Aloisia is Ignatz's daughter. Lorenz is the brother of her future brother-in-law, Kilian Spanbauer. Kilian will marry Aloisia's sister Albina Kindermann. Albina comes in 1884 with her parents on the S.S. Main.

There is a Lorenz Spanbauer in Oshkosh on the 1900 census immigrating in 1883 with his wife Augustha? (Justine). Maiden name Reischl per email Cliff Lueck, March 2002.  They were also newly married in 1883.  He claims 1850 here but 1848 on the census and his declaration of intention.  I don't know why they would say Boston as their destination.

Declaration of Intention for Lorenz Spanbauer from Winnebago County, WI 1855-1906

SPANBAUER, Lorenz      7388  27 Mar 1884  Bohemia  1848  NY 26 Mar 1883


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