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John Jr.

John Ebersberger Jr. 

ebersbergertransportation.jpg (31973 bytes)

Transportation choices

John and Grace in buggy
John Jr. on motorcycle
Matt and nephew Frank Jungwirth in car

Photo courtesy Esther Ebersberger Langkau

John Jr. Family 1923

John Ebersberger Jr.  Family

Matt Ebersberger Sr.

Florence and Dick Brickham Wedding

Ebersberger_1951.jpg (313419 bytes)

Family 1951

Gertrude and Tony Miller Wedding

Joe and Dorothy Mayeski Wedding

John and Mary Putzer Wedding

Marion and George Kinderman Wedding

Mathew Ebersberger

Ebersberger Family Stone, 
Sacred Heart Cemetery

Sister Bennet, Therese, Elsie, Marion

Grace Ebersberger

Ebersberger plot in Sacred Heart Cemetery

Martha Ebersberger


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