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John Ebersberger circa1905.jpg (59823 bytes)                    JohnJrfamily1923.gif (419905 bytes)               

John about 1905        The family in 1923   John and Martha in front of their home.

First 2 photos courtesy  Cy Ebersberger.

Marriage Record
Ebersberger, John       Weber, Martha            31 Oct 1904   7 229 409
 Laborer; Bavaria        Hungaria                 Oshkosh
 Ebersberger, John Sr.   Galluni, Joseph          Mathew Ebersberger
 Pritz, Crescence        Galluni, Lena            Mary Holzbauer

In 1903 John was a door rip ?  at Gould Mfg. Co. He resided at 132 Durfee.

In 1924 John was a pattern maker at Wilkin-Challoner Co. He resided at 1511 Witzel.

JEjrwithchildren.jpg (34735 bytes)

John and Martha and some of the children.


  • Carolyn          private         (Sister Bennett)

  • Therese           private          Married Gerald Gray

  • Elizabeth      1909-1995     Married Albert Beck

  • John              1910-1987      Married Mary Putzer

  • Margaret      1913-1917

  • Joseph          1917-1940      Married Dorothy Mayeski

  • Gertrude      1919-1987      Married Tony Miller

  • Dolores            private         Married Jimmy George

  • Marian             private         Married George Kinderman

  • Florence          private         Married Richard Brickham

  • Georgiana             -1998      Married John Demler

  • Sylvester          private        Married Shirley 

John Ebersberger's (son) business in 1936. Business started by Matt Ebersberger in about 1926.

He worked out of his parents house.

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