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1900 Census

Ebersberger, John, Head, W, M, May 1851, 49, M, 24, Germany, Germany, Germany, 1891, 9, Pa, Laborer, yes, yes, yes, O, M, H.

Translation: John was the head of his household. He was a white male born in Germany in May of 1851. He was 49 at the time of the census and was married for 24 years. He arrived in America in 1891 and had started first papers to be naturalized. He was a laborer and could read, write and speak English. He owned a mortgaged house.

Naturalization Declaration: Declaration # 9658, Application date: 12 Oct. 1892, Born in Germany 185(4), Arrived New York April 1891 (see page Nat. Declarations)

Crescens, wife, W, F, May, 1849, 51, M, 24, 8, 5, Germany, Germany, Germany, 1891,9, no, no, yes. (she could not read nor write)


Memorial card for Crescentia. It states that she was born in Vorderfirmiansreut, Bavaria

Photo courtesy of Esther Ebersberger Langkau, 2002

  • Franciska, daughter, W, F, June 1878, 21, S, Germany, Germany, Germany, 1891, 9, factory labor, yes, yes, yes. (she was single and worked in a factory) She will marry Sebastian Jungwirth. 

Francis_Ebersberger_Jungwirth.jpg (72268 bytes)          Sebastian_and_Francis_Ebersberger_Jungwirth_wedding.jpg (61453 bytes)        Sebastian_and_Francis_Jungwirth_family.jpg (45616 bytes)       Seb and Frances Jungwirth.jpg (32045 bytes)

Francis Ebersberger         Wedding                   Family             Sebastian & Francis

Children: ?, Frank, Therese, John, Edward, Joseph, Anna, Elizabeth

Photos courtesy Christine Thomas

Marriage Record

Jungwirth, Sebastian        Ebersberger, Frances      30 Oct 1900   6 443 428
 Laborer; Unterschmiedorf                          Oshkosh
 Jungwirth, John              Ebersberger, John       John Ebersberger
 Hamus, Maria Anna       Burtz, Crescentia        Mary Kellermann

Naturalization Petition

JUNGWIRTH, Sebastian     618 Dakota St., Oshkosh      Laborer
  20 Jan 1874   Schuedorf, Bohemia, Austria
   6 Jun 1900  21 Jun 1900   Bremen - Balt.   Roland
  28 Oct 1908  #173                    23 Sep 1911    239
Francis Ebersberger Jungwirth   Bohemia, Austria;  Oshkosh
  Franz          18 Apr 1901  Oshkosh;  Oshkosh
  Theresia        6 Jul 1902     "         "
  John            3 Jul 1903     "         "
  Edward          5 Sep 1904     "         "
  Josef          10 Nov 1905     "         "
  Annie          18 Apr 1907     "         "
  Elizabeth      26 Oct 1909     "         "
Herman Steckbauer, Merchant, 1044  6th St., Oshkosh
Paul Balda, Laborer, 606 Dakota, Oshkosh
  • John, son, W, M, Sept. 1882, 17, S, Germany, Germany, Germany, 1891, 9, Factory labor, yes, yes, yes. Will marry Martha Golomb.

Marriage Record

Ebersberger, John       Weber, Martha        31 Oct 1904   7 229 409
 Laborer; Bavaria        Hungaria             Oshkosh
 Ebersberger, John Sr.   Galluni, Joseph      Mathew Ebersberger
 Pritz, Crescence        Galluni, Lena        Mary Holzbauer

Martha is listed here as a Weber. She was taken in by a Weber family as a maid and was brought to America by them. But she was not adopted by the Weber's. 

  • Therese, daughter, W, F, June 1883, 16, S, Germany, Germany, Germany, 1891, 9, yes, yes, yes. (there was no indication if she worked) 

Joined the convent as Sr. Blandina in 1904. She died March 3, 1906 from the white plague.

  • Kate, daughter, W, F, Feb. 1884, 16, S, Germany, Germany, Germany, Factory labor, yes, yes, yes. (at age 16 she worked in a factory) Will marry Joseph Huburtus.

Marriage Record

Hubertus, Joseph F.      Ebersberger, Katie     15 Feb 1904   7 168  47
 Laborer; Oshkosh          Bavaria                Oshkosh
 Hubertus, Joseph         Ebersberger, John        John Ebersberger
 Haber, Margaretta       Fritz, Crescena            Grace Hubertus

Children: Joseph, Norbert

  • Mathius, son, W, M, Dec. 1888, 11, S, Germany, Germany, Germany, at school, yes, yes, yes. Will marry Mary Freidel (12/21/1901-8/9/1947).

Mathius (2/24/1889-10/10/1937), Married 8/21/1922 per John Ebersberger.

Children: Kathryn (1923-1932), Esther, Matt Jr.

Matt_Ebersberger_Sr.jpg (19844 bytes) Matt Sr. solemn communion       

      Photo courtesy of John Ebersberger.                    


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