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  Josef Pritz  
Crescens Pritz------[    
  Therese Fuchs  

Crescens (Grace), daughter of Josef Pritz and Therese Fuchs. Married to John Ebersberger. Born March 20, 1849 in Vorderfirmiansreut, Germany and died April 22, 1930 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The name appears several ways on different records, the correct spelling is probably Pritz.


This from Rheinhard Riepl, Germany:

55.       Johann (John) Ebersberger #33221 (31.Kajetan5, 14.Markus4, 4.Georg3, 2.Georg2, 1.Maximilian1)  * 27.05.1851, Schnellenzipf, getauft in Bischofsreut, Referenz FbI Grainet/20,  & 03.10.1876, in Herzogsreut, Kreszenz (Grace) Pritz #41856,  * 20.03.1849, Vorderfirmiansreut, (Tochter von Josef Pritz #41857 und Therese vh. Pritz Fuchs #41858) Referenz Norbert Madl,  22.04.1930, Oshkosh, WI (USA).  Johann gestorben: 07.09.1916, Oshkosh, WI (USA),  Norbert Madl.

Marriage Record of son John

Ebersberger, John       Weber, Martha            31 Oct 1904   7 229 409
 Laborer; Bavaria        Hungaria                 Oshkosh
 Ebersberger, John Sr.   Galluni, Joseph          Mathew Ebersberger
 Pritz, Crescence        Galluni, Lena            Mary Holzbauer

Marriage Record of daughter Francis

Jungwirth, Sebastian        Ebersberger, Frances      30 Oct 1900   6 443 428
 Laborer; Unterschmiedorf                          Oshkosh
 Jungwirth, John              Ebersberger, John       John Ebersberger
 Hamus, Maria Anna       Burtz, Crescentia        Mary Kellermann

Marriage Record of daughter Kate

Hubertus, Joseph F.      Ebersberger, Katie     15 Feb 1904   7 168  47
 Laborer; Oshkosh          Bavaria                Oshkosh
 Hubertus, Joseph         Ebersberger, John        John Ebersberger
 Haber, Margaretta       Fritz, Crescena            Grace Hubertus


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