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The Schlorhaufer's are from Hirschbergen, Bohemia. They lived in house #3 and #23.

Descendents of Michael Schlorhaufer

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 Theresia, daughter of Paul Schlorhaufer and Maria Anna Schinko, married Raymond Winkelbauer, in Bohemia.

 Zelnava                                    marriage                        14/135


Am 11ten August 1857

Hirschberg Nro. 17/3
Raimund Winkelbauer, angehender Häusler in Hirschberg N 17,
ehelicher Sohn des Johann Winkelbauer Häuslers in Hirschberg 17, und der
Maria Anna gebornen Groß aus Habersdorf Nro. 4
33 Jahre ledig
Theresia Schlorhauferin, eheliche Tochter des Paul Schlorhaufer Häußlers in
Hirschberg Nr. 3 und der Maria Anna gebornen Schinko aus Hirschberg Nro. 6
31 Jahre ledig


On August 11th, 1857

Hirschberg 17 and Hirschberg 3
Raimund Winkelbauer, coming smallfarmer in Hirschberg 17, legal son of
Johann Winkelbauer, smallfarmer in Hirschberg 17 and his wife Maria Anna
nee Groß from Habersdorf 4
33 years of age, not married
Theresia Schlorhaufer, legal daughter of Paul Schlorhaufer, smallfarmer in
Hirschbergen 3 and his wife Maria Anna nee Schinko from Hirschbergen 6
31 years of age, not married


 Birth of Theresia Schlorhaufer

Zelnava                                    birth                        6/149

13 October geboren und getauft

Hirschberg N: 20

* Theresia
V Paul Schlorhaufer Häußler
M Maria Anna Tochter des Anton Schinko Häußler in Hirschberg Nro. 23
und der Elisabeth geborne Bernhard aus Hirschberg N: 5
P Klara Bernhardin und Jakob
On October 13th born and baptised

Hirschberg 20

* Theresia
father: Paul Schlorhaufer, smallfarmer
mother: Maria Anna daughter of Anton Schinko, smallfarmer in Hirschberg
23 and his wife Elisabeth nee Bernhard from Hirschberg 5
godfather: Klara Bernhard and Jakob


We will see, that the surname of the mother of the mother is wrong and not
Bernhard, but Jungwirth. Possible the priest made the mistake because the


Sister of Theresia Schlorhaufer in Zelnava

Maria Anna                        * 15.01.1824

Birth of Paul Schlorhaufer

Zelnava                                    birth                        5/27


Den 21 Junii

* Paul

V Michl Schlarhaufl Kanalhäusler
M Katharina des Matthias Pendele Inmanns Tochter aus Baiern
P Bernhard Gruber Kanalhäusler in Rafflwald.

  Juni 21

* Paul
father: Michael Schlarhaufer, smallfarmer
mother: Katharina, legal daughter of Mathias Pendel, tenant from Bavaria
godfather: Bernhard Gruber, smallfarmer in Rafflwald


known siblings of Paul Schlarhaufer in Zelnava

Mathias                                    * 13.09.1795
Johann                                     * 21.05.1797


Marriage of Paul Schlarhaufer

Zelnava                                    marriage                        14/13


am 4 Februar

Hirschberg N: 20
Paul Schlarhaufer Häußler in Hirschberg Sohn des Michael Schlarhaufer
Holzhauer in Hirschberg 20 und der Katharina gebornen pendelin von
glüngenbaum Nro ___ in Bayern
21 Jahre ledig
* 21.6.1802 in Hirschberg
Maria uneheliche Tochter der Elisabeth Jungwirthin von Neuofen Nro. 43
23 Jahre ledig                        * 12.2.1798


February 4th

Hirschberg 20
Paul Schlarhaufer, smallfarmer in Hirschberg, legal son of Michael
Schlarhaufer, berjak in Hirschberg 20 and his wife Katharina nee Pendel from
glüngelbaum Nro. ___ in Bavaria
21 years of age, not married     
* 21.6.1802 in Hirschbergen
Maria, illegimate daughter of Elisabeth Jungwirth in Neuhofen 43
23 years of age, not married


Anton Schinko, the father of Maria Jungwirth, married 5 months after the birth
of Maria Anna Maria Leitmiller. His first wife Maria nee Leitmiller died on
12.10.1809. And so he could marry the mother of his illegitimate daughter,
Maria Jungwirth - see the records elsewhere.  


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2001 4:30 PM
Subject: Schlorhaufer greetings from Tyrol


Thank you for your quick answer and for the family tree of your paternal side.

At first we (my wife Daphne and I, Daniel) want to answer your questions as far it is possible.

We don't think that there exists a historical map of Hirschbergen because it really was a small village or hamlet. Walter Schlorhaufer, Daniel's father, was born in 1920 and he spent his holidays in Hirschbergen Nr.22 in his grandfathers house when he was a child. His grandfather was Joseph Schlorhaufer ( born 1853 in Hirschbergen Nr.22) who was a son of Paul Schlorhaufer (born 21.6.1802, died 8.10.1882 Hirschbergen Nr.22 ) and his second wife Katharina Reiter. There exists a photo of the house Nr. 22 with a part of the Schlorhaufer family. Walter owns a few more photos.

The houses number 22 and 3 are one and the same because of the "Josephinischen Kataster" 1785 – 1789. Joseph II wanted to reorganize the tax system for landed property. At this time the houses were renumbered. Hirschbergen nr. 3, where Michael Schlorhaufer was a smallfarmer, became nr.22. as far the records tell us (Birth, marriage and death documents which were made in 1938 when everybody had to proof his descent)

We think both names - Hirschberg and Hirschbergen – are right. We also have records for both ways. Perhaps Hirschberg means more the hamlet and Hirschbergen includes the surrounding hills and woods. We will ask Walter Schlorhaufer if he knows something about the meaning and about the Winkelbauers .

We are sorry, but we don`t have a chronicle of Hirschbergen.

During our researches we have got into contact with Schlorhaufers in the U.S. whose ancestors also emigrated from Hirschbergen and found a new home in St. Paul Mn. Eight Schlorhaufers landed 1884 in New York together with Joseph Winkelbauer who must have been a close relative of them as we know from your family tree. Do you know more about the brother of Therese Schlorhaufer who should have lived in St.Paul Mn. ? We still have a few missing links.

It is very interesting that all living Schlorhaufers are related and that all lines end in Michael Schlorhaufer and Katharina Pendel(in) of whom we know very little, not even the exact meaning of the name. Do you know more about?

X-mass is a very busy time for us, so it will take a time to put all our datas into the PC (familiy tree and photos) – be patient

We`ll keep in touch

Daniel and Daphne

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