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Ignaz Kindermacher


    Thomas Kindermacher
  Konstantin Kindermacher----[  
    Anna Spanbauer
Ignaz Kindermacher---------[    
    Ägid Fischer
  Ludmilla Fischer--------------[  
    Christina ?


Ignaz was born July 31, 1741 to Konstantin and Ludmilla Kindermacher. On October 23, 1774 at age 33 he marries Theresia Sieger from Gassau. They live in Schönau 13. At some time she dies and he remarries October 9, 1811, at age 70, to Elisabeth Kurz, age 40. Known child of the second marriage is Maria. 


Birth Record

Zelnava                                    birth                        2/140


* Ignatius
Parentes Constantinus Kindermacher rusticus in Schenau et Ludmilla uxor
Levantibus Antonius Meindl incolae in grienberg Maria uxor sua

July 31st.
* Ignaz
Parents: Konstantin Kindermacher, farmer in Schönau and his wife Ludmilla
godfather: Anton Meindl, tenant in Grünberg and his wife Maria

1771 Name changed to Kindermann. 

According to professional researcher Felix Gundacker all Kindermacher surnames in the area were changed to Kindermann in 1771.

Marriage Record #1

marriage                        Zelnava                                    marriage                        3/6


Honestus adolescens Ignatius Kinderman rusticus in Schönau et honesta
Theresia Siegerin ex Gassauensi althütten subditi.

Schönau N: 13

honest young man Ignaz Kindermann, farmer in Schönau, and honest
Theresia Sieger from Gassau, dominion Althütten

Schönau 13

 Marriage Record #2

Pekna                                      marriage                        4/7


1811 den 9 October
Nr. 13

Ignatz Kindermann Bauer
70 Jahre Witwer
Elisabetha des Martin Kurz Häuslers und der Katharina gebohrnen Bayrin
Tochter von Neuhäusern Nro. ___40 Jahre ledig

October 9th

Nr. 13
Ignaz Kindermann, farmer
70 years of age, widower
Elisabeth, legal daughter of Martin Kurz, smallfarmer and his wife Katharina
nee Bayr, daughter from Neuhäuser Nro. ___ 40 years of age, not married

such high ages happened. It was a social problem to marry.

 Children of Ignaz   

Andreas  ----- Mentioned in Chronicle of Hintring as the next house owner. Not proven as son, but would be a child of the first marriage.
Maria  -------  Known daughter. 


See also house ownership record


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