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Ignatz Kinderman family 1890

Alois Kinderman-Mary Winkelbauer wedding 1915

Alois Kinderman 1915

Four Generations 

Ignatz, John, Alois, George 1919

Alois Kinderman 50 years catholic knights

Alois and Mary 50 years

Alois Kinderman family 1923


George Kinderman confirmation

George and Marion wedding 1943

George and Marion 50 years

Mary and George and Robert Kinderman

Alois and Mary Kinderman 1966 Sacred Heart yearbook picture

Alois and Mary 1966

Mary Kinderman 90th

Kinderman children Mary, Frank, Therese

Alois in wedding of unknown


George Kinderman send off to WW II, 1943


George Kinderman

Eleonore Kellermann Kinderman 90th birthday

John Kinderman-Eleonore Kellermann wedding 1889

John Kinderman-Eleonore Kellermann wedding 1889


Grandma Eleonore and Robert Kinderman 


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