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    Martin Kurz
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    Katharina Bayr


Birth record of Maria

33         Pekna birth     1/29

Den 6 September
Schönau Nro. 13

* Maria
V Ignatz Kinderman Bauer
M Elisabeth des Martin Kurz Häuslers und der Katharina gebohrnen Bayrin
Tochter von Neuhäußern Nro. ___
P Andreas Reischl Bauer

On September 6th
Schönau 13

* Maria
father: Ignaz Kindermann, farmer
mother: Elisabeth, legal daughter of Martin Kurz, smallfarmer and his wife
Katharina nee Bayr, daughter from Neuhäuser Nr. ___
godfather: Andreas Reischl, farmer

Known children of Maria

Ignatz     March 6, 1836


Maria was born September 6, 1812 the first child of Ignaz and Elisabeth Kurz Kindermann. He was 71 years old and she was 41. They lived in Schönau 13. They had married the previous year. It was his second and her first marriage. Maria was 24 when she had her son Ignatz. At this time she lived in Schönau 12 with the Spanbauer family. The father is unknown. Her assumed step brother, Andreas, owned Schönau 13, becoming the owner in 1814. When Ignatz was born in 1836 both of Maria's parents were dead. Maria's father probably in 1814.

SO: many questions can be asked about the family situation at this time. Such as:

1. Is Maria kicked out of the family house because she is pregnant?
2. Because she is female and much younger she has no inheritance. Thus no right to continue in the homestead. Was she raised in the homestead? Did she ever get married? When did she die? Apparently since Ignatz keeps the name Kindermann, Maria does not marry.
3. Because she does not have the homestead her son Ignatz has no home ownership. He is a tenant in Schönau 3 at the time of his marriage in 1864. He eventually moves to America with his whole family.

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