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    Ambrosch Kindermacher
  Blasius Kindermacher-----[  
Thomas Kindermacher------[    
  Sara ?  

All records from the archives in Trebon, for the parish of Salnau.
Researched by Felix Gundacker.

Thomas was born Dec. 17, 1671 to Blasius and Sara Kindermacher. He is the second of five known children. He lives in the village of Schönau. At age 31 he marries Anna Spanbauer from Schönau. They have four known children.

Birth Record

Zelnava                                    birth                        1/38

17. hujus baptizatus Thomas parentes Blasius Kindermacher uxor Sara.
patrinus Melchiar Zach

on 17th was born Thomas
parents: Blasius Kindermacher and his wife Sara
godfather: Melchior Zach

 Marriage Record

264-265                        Zelnava                                    marriage                        1/94


20 copulatus è Thomas Blasy Kindermacher, et Sarae uxoris eius legitimus
filius ex pago Schönau, cum Anna Simonis Spanbaur et Evae uxoris ejus
legitima filia ex pago eodem.

On 20th married Thomas legal son of Blasius and Sara Kindermacher from
village Schönau, with Anna, legal daughter of Simon Spanbauer and Eva his
wife from the same village.

Known Children of Thomas and Anna

Konstantin      Birth record not found
Philipp            27.04.1704
Agnes             22.01.1706
Stanislaus        07.05.1712

See also house ownership record.


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