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This page will list other Kindermachers and Kindermans that I found and have yet to connect to our family. But only if there is a connection to Southern Bohemia, Bavaria, or Oshkosh and if they were Catholic. There are also many Kindermans that are Lutheran and came from Prussia.

  • Joseph Kinderman, (March 1869-1942) per 1900 census, Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The other Kinderman family in Oshkosh. He arrived in America in 1890 with his wife, Anne (April 1866-1952). In 1900 they had 7 children, all born in Oshkosh. Francisca (1889), John (1890-1977), Joseph (1891-1966), Kate (1893), Mary (1895), Frank (1896-1933), Johanna (1899). They also had Jenny (1901), George (1902), and Matthew 1905). Both Mary and Johanna died in June 1901. It states that they arrived in 1890 but the eldest daughter was born in Wisconsin in 1889. They have been married 10 years. They both claim Austria as a homeland. He was a wood turner and was naturalized. They live at 449 9th street. I believe they are from the village of Wallern, Bohemia.

Interment Record at Riverside Cemetery

Kinderman, Marie     Birth 1895 Burial 1901
Kinderman, Johanna   Birth  1899 Burial 1901
Kinderman, Frank     Burial 1933
Kinderman, Anna  Age 86  Birth 04/09/1866 Burial 11/10/1952
Kinderman, Joseph Age 73 Birth 03/19/1869 Burial 04/27/1942

  • Kaspar Kindermann, born about 1781 in Pernek, Bohemia, married to Agnes Mauritz, born about 1785 in Pernek, Bohemia.

    • Mathias Kindermann, born 19 September 1807, in Pernek, Bohemia, christened 20 September 1807 in Salnau, Bohemia, child of Kaspar and Agnes. Mathias married to Agnes Czech, 15 May 1832 in Salnau, Bohemia. Agnes Czech born 3 Feb. 1811, in Parkfried 14.

      • Elizabeth Kindermann, child of Mathias and Agnes, christened 26 Jan. 1835, in Salnau. Married Johann Bauer, 9 May 1854 in Salnau.

  • Theresia Kindermann, mother of Maria Metko, christened 2 April 1874, in Wirschenitz, Bohemia. Theresia married to Johann Metko. Johann Metko born 17 Dec. 1832 in Wirschenitz, Bohemia, Father Albert Metko. Mother Maria Beck.

Above from LDS Family search.org 

  • Johann Kindermann, born 6 Feb. 1830 in Schönau, Gde. Hintring, Landskron B. Krumau. Died 16 May 1879 in same place.

  • Anna Kindermann, born 16 Jan. 1875 in Schönau, # 15, Died 21 Sept. 1910, Schonau #1.

Above from Dieter Linder, Munich

  • KINDERMACHER Adam * ca 1676 Wallern, + 27. 3.1754 Wallern
    o-o 26.11.1703 MANN Margaretha, Wallern

  • KINDERMACHER Mathaeus * 12. 9.1705 Wallern, + 9.12.1770 Wallern, 
    o-o 19.11.1725 SIPL Maria, Wallern 

  • KINDERMACHER Maria * 15. 6.1747 Wallern, + 24. 8.1807 Hintring, 
    o-o 26. 6.1770 MILNER Mathis, Wallern

Above from Georg Vladar, Canada

  • Sabastian Kindermacher was a resident of Wallern in 1697. - Source: the Archives in the town of Prachatitz. (Sabastian won some land behind Wallern). The entry is signed by Johann Adam Artinger, official Market Registrar, 20.May, 1697. I do not have a photocopy of the official document which lies in the archives in Prachatitz. What I have is the copied report by a researcher, Dr. Walter Schilhansl who lives in southern Germany, Neu Ulm.

    Above from Catherine Spannbauer Lincoln, Germany


  • Johann Kindermann, born 1846-1926,Wallern, Bohemia, a baker.

    • Franz Joseph Kindermann, 1872-1949, son of Johann, moved from Wallern to Kutina, Hungary.

      • Maria Hanel Kindermann, 1895-1994,  born in Kutina, Hungary, emigrated to Dayton, OH  

      • Franz Joseph Kindermann, brother to Maria Hanel Kinderman, son of Franz Joseph Kindermann, emigrated to Pana, IL 

Above from Eric Spanbauer, Maryland

  • Josef Kindermann, 1910 Ellis Island immigration. From Wallern, Bohemia to Dayton, Ohio. Left behind wife Hedwig? Kindermann. He is 33 years old. In 1914 he comes thru again. In 1921 he brings his children Anna (18). Emil (17), Stefan (12) to America. Now nearest relative in Bohemia is his father Johann in Wallern 396.

  • Josef Kindermann, 1913 Ellis island immigration. From Wallern, Bohemia to Milwaukee, WI. 26 years old. Nearest relative at home father Josef in Wallern 125, Bohemia. Came over with Josef Mathe, age 18.

  • Marie Kindermann, 1921 Ellis Island immigration, 16y, from Volary (Wallern). Left behind Anna Kindermann, Wallern. To Dayton, Ohio

  • Franz Kindermann, 1909 Ellis Island immigration, 26y, male married, from Leimsgrub, Bohemia, left behind father Mathew Kindermann. To Chicago.

  • Ignatz Kindermann, 1910 Ellis Island immigration, 62y, married, to New York NY, U.S. Citizen

  • Marie Kindermann, 1911 Ellis Island immigration, 23y, servant, single, to Chicago, IL, left behind father Mathew Kindermann, Kuschwarda, Leimsgrub, Bohemia. to see her brother Franz (above). She may be coming over to get married.

johann_kindermann_ship_manifest_1899.gif (188916 bytes)

Johann Kinderman, nephew of Frank Kloiber, ship manifest. Also on this ship are Baier, Sonnleitner, Kloiber from Wallern and Schönau. Jacob Baier returned to Bohemia and brought these people to America. 

Ellis Island immigration

  • Franz Kindermann, 1885-1924, Wallern, Bohemia

    • Franz Kindermann, 1911, Wallern, Bohemia

    • Walter Kindermann, 1913, Wallern, Bohemia

    • Josef Kindermann, 1915, Wallern, Bohemia

    • Gustav Kindermann, 1919, Wallern, Bohemia. 

    • Friedrich Kindermann, 1922, Wallern, Bohemia

Above from Gustav Kindermann, Koln, Germany

See also Schönau, Bohemia cemetery pictures that I took when I visited there in April of 2001 on my travel pictures page for Schönau. 

Photos of my visit in 2001

  • Ferdinand Kindermann, (1740-1801), Priest and schoolmaster in Kaplice, Bohemia, Austria.  From South Bohemia. Credited with creating the model industrial school. Read more about him at the Cesky Krumlov website.

  • Maria Kindermann, Photo of grave in Friedberg (Frymburk) Bohemia. 
    From Bernhard and Anna.

  • Maria Kindermann,  Copy of a baptism entry for a  Maria Kindermann, Oct 1859, father Jacob
    Kindermann, place names like Krumau, Oberplan, Deutsch Haidl and a lot more that I can't read
    because it's in German script. One of these people is married into the Miesbauer line way back.       From Bob Miesbauer.

  • Franz Kindermann, 40, Agnes 40, Anna 8, Franz 4, Bohemia; Frisia, 16 May 1883. From Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Baca, Vol. 6.

  • Math Kindermann, 34, Bohemia; Rhaetia, 11 June 1883. From Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, Vol. 6.


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